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West Palm elections: Sylvester to oppose Lambert, states board requirements listeners

City Commissioner Christina Lambert attracts an opponent for March elections, lifelong West Palm resident and real specialist Stephen Sylvester. WEST PALM BEACH — real specialist and lifelong western Palm Beach resident Stephen Sylvester has jumped within the town payment competition against incumbent Christina Lambert, because, he states, residents need a person who will pay attention. “I’m extremely worried about just how they’re voting recently, specially utilizing the security no-bid contract,” he stated, talking about a $7.9 million, agreement the payment awarded unanimously to Professional Security Consultants final month. Sylvester said he’s also focused on a proposed settlement that could trade town waterfront land to eliminate litigation and permit a boutique resort become built near the Waterview Towers condominium. He opposes the proposed One Flagler workplace tower, he stated. Then newly elected Lambert voted to produce the Okeechobee Business District that changed downtown land use rules to permit that proposed 25-story tower to increase in exactly what had been a zone that is 5-story. “I would like to listen and gather proof, perhaps maybe maybe not simply accept something that results in,” Sylvester stated. “we feel just like that’s what we’re seeing.”

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Lambert, whom claims she never ever stopped campaigning after being elected when it comes to time that is first March 2018, already has $49,000 in efforts inside her take into account the March 17, 2020 battle for the Southern End commission chair. Monday”As Commissioner, I have worked hard to listen to residents’ concerns, attend neighborhood and community meetings and represent my district and the city,” Lambert said in an email. “I have always been happy with the task we now have done since I have ended up being elected and appearance forward to continuing to serve our community.” However in Sylvester’s view, “the next-door neighbors and residents actually don’t feel just like they’re being heard. He included he doesn’t oppose development, “if next-door neighbors want to buy of course it is been thoroughly investigated.” He supports the mayor’s plan to have just one single company handle protection guard solution through the entire town, to present smoother interaction with the authorities division, he stated. “we imagine it ought to be bid.”

Three associated with the five payment seats are up for grabs in March.

Besides the Lambert-Sylvester competition in District 5, within the south, when you look at the North End’s District 1, Commissioner Kelly Shoaf faces a challenge from pastor Martina Tate Walker. In District 3, which include downtown, incumbent Richard Ryles is unopposed, to date. Sylvester can be a professor that is associate of and Human Efficiency at Palm Beach Atlantic University. From 1993 to 2015 he owned Intown Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Inc. He has Bachelors levels in wellness Education through the University of Florida and bodily Therapy from Florida A&M University and a physician of bodily Therapy from Boston University.

In 2000, Sylvester arranged a combined number of western Palm Beach residents to protect the smoothness of Southern Flagler Drive. He additionally led a drive to relocate a Gumbo Limbo Tree from Southern Olive Elementary to South Olive Park that has been planted in honor of Arbor Day in 1970 and slated become damaged during college reconstruction. He could be previous president for the Rotary Club of Palm Beach, served regarding the board of this Southend Neighborhood Association as well as on the Southern Olive Elementary class Advisory Council and contains been involved in regional charitable companies.

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